Daniel and Jhonny Morachel began their journey in music at the age of ten in 1997 with the young merengue group called ‘Rayo De Luz,’ in which they first developed their musical talent. In 2001 they began to be a part of another group called ‘Voice Squad’ in which the oldest, Denny, started to be in the group as well. In this group they were musicians, even if at the time they were just learning, but they did the best to support their group. In some of the concerts ‘Voice Squad’ gave them the opportunity to sing a few of their songs that they had not recorded yet as Morachel Family. Even though they were still not officially Morachel Family, they were performing in various barrios and in their church. In 2002 Jhonny and Denny started playing in the band ‘Revelacion Maranatha,’ in which Daniel had already been playing as percussionist at a young age. This group also gave them opportunities to sing in their concerts. Jhonny plays the alto sax, Denny the guiro, and Daniel the bongos (congas).

In 2005 the group formally originated as Morachel Family, a group that brings happiness, joy and the Word of God through their music. They do this in a way that the people who do not know the way to Jesus Christ, can find it. They have also had the opportunity to record feats with different artist of different genders and countries like: Henry-G (Peru); Master Bery, Sandy MO, Voice Squad (La Romana RD); JP (San Pedro de Macorís RD); Mr. Tonny (Haití); Crystal Díaz (Connecticut USA); Michael Rodríguez (Puerto Rico); Jami Bell (Texas, USA), among others. They thank God for the opportunities they have had to visit different states and cities of the United States like: New Jersey, Boston, Miami, Maine, Rhode Island with Revelación Maranatha band, along with countries such as Puerto Rico and Haiti. They made their first tour as Morachel Family the 18 of March, 2008 to sing in a few churches in Boston and Connecticut.

Daniel and Jhonny come from a Christian family that has a long lineage of faith in the Lord, since their grandparents. But with a lot of their cousins who are still not followers of Christ, Morachel Family has the objective to be a model so that they can see the Light of Jesus Christ through them, and come to know Christ as their Savior. They try to look more like Jesus every day because Christ did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance - Luke 5:32.

Morachel Family says: God Bless you all. From our hearts.